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At Sensible Financial® Planning, we take a holistic and highly personalized approach to financial planning. You can hear directly from the advisors at Sensible Financial on a variety of topics below in these financial planning videos. Have a question? Let’s talk in person.

Retirement Income – Rick Miller

The basic financial problem is simple: you live longer than you work. How do you move assets from your working years to your retirement years? We can help you build a long-term strategy for planning for your retirement.   

Risk Management – Frank Napolitano

We work closely with you to understand your lifetime budget, or how much money you expect to live on each year. From that perspective, risk management is the set of insurance products that will allow you and your family to maintain that budget over the course of your lifetime.

Financial Planning – Rick Miller

Working longer now may cause you to miss opportunities to spend time with your family, to travel, or to take on other activities. Sacrificing now to live better later isn’t attractive. We work with you to identify a sustainable living standard, so you can live better today- not just in retirement. 

Estate Planning – Frank Napolitano

An estate plan is a series of documents that helps you achieve goals such as providing for your family in the event of an emergency and formalizing your wishes about end of life care at the lowest cost to you and your family. We can give you guidance along the whole process, even working closely with your attorney to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Investment Approach – Rick Miller

We aim to develop an investment approach that is tailored to your unique risk capacity (how much investment risk you can afford to take) and your risk tolerance (how much risk you feel comfortable taking). We pride ourselves on our sensible approach to investing: we recommend investments you can understand, with a firm focus on reaching your goals.