Financial Guidance

Our Integrated Financial Advisory service provides
support beyond Portfolio Management

What’s included?

Ongoing Financial Guidance

You are busy, and financial issues come up all the time. You may not have the time, interest, or detailed knowledge to address them to your satisfaction. We are here to help you think these issues through. You also have to deal with people who influence your finances – attorneys, insurance brokers, banks, etc. We can help you make the best use of your time with them.

Retirement Income Planning & Management

As you approach retirement, we’ll work with you as you decide for how much of your retirement income target you want minimal risk, and for how much you are willing to accept more risk in the hope of higher return. Then, we’ll advise on how to modify your investment portfolio to prepare it for the transition from asset accumulation to retirement.

Annual Progress Review

Every year, we will assess your progress relative to your Integrated Financial Plan. We’ll check on whether your savings are growing as the plan projects, and whether you are spending too much or you could actually afford to spend more. We’ll monitor your progress on your key action items, and help you address any that have slipped.

Portfolio Management

See Portfolio Management for details

What will this cost me?

Integrated Financial Advisory Fee Calculator

Investment Portfolio Value ($):
Sensible Financial Annual Fee ($):
Sensible Financial Annual Fee (%):

Annual fees for our Integrated Financial Advisory Service are frequently less than the 1% of assets charged by many advisors for portfolio management alone.

Integrated Financial Advisory Fee Structure

AssetsQuarterlyAnnual Total
Under $500,000Varies1.6% of assets


For Each

Additional Fee

FromToAdditionalQuarterlyPer Year

Annual fees for our Integrated Financial Advisory Service are frequently less than the 1% of assets charged by many advisors for portfolio management alone.

Integrated Financial Advisory Fee Structure (Detailed)

Account valueAnnual CostBPS*
*BPS are basis points. 1 basis point is 1 hundredth of a percent - .01%. 100 basis points is one percent.
One-Time Establishment Fee

We charge a one-time account establishment fee at the beginning of a portfolio management relationship to cover our costs of establishing your accounts at our custodians and on our information systems.

The account establishment fee usually is between $300 and $1500, and is larger when there are:

• More accounts to establish
• More accounts to report and rebalance
• More accounts to transfer
• More securities (stocks and mutual funds) to sell
• Dollar cost averaging transactions (if you wish to phase in your investment)

The fee can exceed $1500 in cases of unusual complexity (e.g., with many accounts, or many securities)

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