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The professionals who prepare your financial plan will deliver it to you. We believe that you get more out of the plan when you can meet with and ask questions of those who understand it best – those who designed and wrote the plan, and those who did the supporting analysis.

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Company History

About us: We founded Sensible Financial® Planning and Management in 2002 to make state-of-the-art, unbiased and personalized financial advice more widely available, especially to people who haven’t been comfortable using a financial advisor or who thought they couldn’t afford one. Deregulation and ever falling computing costs are steadily increasing competition in financial services, potentially benefiting consumers. Lower priced, higher quality financial products are increasingly available.

Unfortunately, access to more good products hasn’t helped people figure out which ones to buy. People need independent advice to make sound choices in their own best interest. But the sales commissions paid by some financial products provide incentives for salespeople to sell products that produce large commissions for themselves, not necessarily the ones that best fill the needs of their customers.

Declining computing costs have enabled experts in financial planning and investment strategy to translate their approaches into computer software. This software’s strength – leading-edge customized advice – can’t overcome its weakness – people often don’t understand how complex software works and are unwilling to rely on the results. However, there is enormous potential – a skilled advisor can harness the software’s full power to deliver high-quality advice tailored to each client’s circumstances at a reasonable price. We use the best software available to develop and deliver advice systematically, and efficiently. We recommend excellent products that don’t pay commissions (and don’t need to).

Each year, we deliver more financial plans, and advise more clients on how to invest and manage their assets. That so many people and families trust us to advise them about issues so central to their lives and dreams is a great honor. We invite you to join them (and us).

Our Philosophy

We believe:

that your financial plan must recognize that you and your family are unique.
that you should be able to understand your financial plan, and feel confident that it will work for you.

that you should be able to trust your financial advisor to act in your best interest.
that financial planning and investment advice should not be expensive.