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Portfolio Management Fee Calculator

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What does managing my investments consist of?

For Sensible Financial®, managing investments means simply:


Navigating the Risk Return Maze

Helping you decide how much future spending power to seek and how much risk to take by providing a clear statement of the risk-return trade-off.


Recommending Passive Mutual Funds

Recommending diversified, low cost investments to accomplish your spending power objective at the lowest possible risk [we recommend passive mutual funds almost exclusively]


Making the Transition.

Doing the work to put the investment program into place: opening accounts, transferring assets, purchasing investments.


Reporting & Rebalancing

Reporting on your Portfolio’s Performance and Recommending investment purchases and sales to restore your portfolio to your desired risk level and target return (rebalancing).



Minimum Asset Level

We have generally found that clients with investable assets of $500,000 or more are most likely to be able to benefit from the services that we offer. However, we can work effectively and efficiently with clients who anticipate having assets at that level in just a few years, even though they may not yet have investable assets at that level.



What will this cost me?


Portfolio Management Fee Structure

AssetsQuarterlyAnnual Total
Under $500,000Varies1.1% of assets


For Each

Additional Fee

FromToAdditionalQuarterlyPer Year

Annual Portfolio Management fees begin at 1.1% of assets for portfolios of $500,000 or less.

One-Time Establishment Fee

We charge a one-time account establishment fee at the beginning of a portfolio management relationship to cover our costs of establishing your accounts at our custodians and on our information systems.

The account establishment fee usually is between $300 and $1500, and is larger when there are:

• More accounts to establish
• More accounts to report and rebalance
• More accounts to transfer
• More securities (stocks and mutual funds) to sell
• Dollar cost averaging transactions (if you wish to phase in your investment)

The fee can exceed $1500 in cases of unusual complexity (e.g., with many accounts, or many securities)

Portfolio Management Fee Structure (Detailed)

Account valueAnnual CostBPS*
*BPS are basis points. 1 basis point is 1 hundredth of a percent - .01%. 100 basis points is one percent.