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In conjunction with our recent WGBH radio campaign, we are pleased to announce the publication of our new guidebook, Sensible Financial Planning: A Lifetime Approach to Financial Peace of Mind.

The guidebook covers financial planning basics, walking readers through seven different “life phases” ranging from attending school to late retirement. The guidebook also addresses several financial planning steps common to most people, such as living within your means.

Good financial planning goes beyond those basics, however. We recognize that everyone is different. Financial planning for individuals differs from planning family finances, for example. So the guidebook uses a number of stories to illustrate these differences.

Financial retirement planning can also be tricky. Financial planning for retirement really starts with pre retirement planning. What is needed for early retirement planning? The guide provides retirement planning strategies that you can apply to your own situation.


It’s Not Just About Retirement.

There are many books on retirement planning, but this guidebook is more than just a retirement planning guide. Your lifetime financial planning should help you reach your life goals, not just your financial goals. Your quality of life depends on factors that go beyond financial spending power. Sacrificing now to live better later isn’t an attractive option. Working longer now may result in missed opportunities to spend time with your family, to travel or to undertake charitable activities. The guidebook focuses on the idea of a sustainable living standard, one that you can maintain throughout your life, both before and after retirement.

Developing a financial plan can be analytically complex, but is conceptually very simple. Therefore, the guidebook strives to take the mystery out of making a financial plan. It provides a clear and easy to understand set of financial planning tools.

We are confident that this guidebook provides great financial planning resources for you to use at any stage of your life. We know that finding a financial advisor you can trust can be a tricky proposition. So one of the goals of this guidebook is to help you know what to look for in a financial planner.

To conclude, if you are interested in learning more, you can download a free copy of our guidebook, Sensible Financial Planning: A Lifetime Approach to Financial Peace of Mind, by filling out the form below.

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