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Former Fidelity SVP Joins Sensible Financial As Associate Advisor And Senior Director Of Strategy

Posted by on December 13, 2017

Former Fidelity SVP Joins Sensible Financial

Chris Andrysiak spent the first 25 years of his career working in big companies – Fidelity Investments, Braxton Associates / Deloitte Consulting, and Goldman Sachs — in consulting, finance, and strategic management roles.  He gained firsthand knowledge of how financial products are created, marketed, and sold by large financial companies.  He also learned a lot about the financial needs of individuals and families, and how financial advisors can best serve those needs.

After leaving Fidelity, Chris realized that something was missing from his career equation.  He had worked with large corporations and institutions, but he now wanted to do something that would help individuals and families directly.

In early 2017, Chris became a client at Sensible Financial. He admired his former management consulting colleague Rick Miller, Founder and CEO of Sensible Financial, for his rigorous analytical approach and his commitment to working in the best interest of his clients. Chris commented on the experience of working with the team from a client perspective: “I had seen a lot of financial advisors, and I thought that Rick was doing things the right way. We got a lot of value from it as clients. It reinforced the notion for me that personal financial advice was something that I would like to do.”  As the client relationship developed, Chris saw an opportunity to join the firm and engage in work that directly impacted clients’ lives.

Chris and Rick had several conversations and in August, Chris joined the Sensible Financial team as Associate Advisor and Senior Director of Strategy. Rick Miller outlines his thought process on hiring Chris, “I was looking for someone to help us think through our strategic options, a thought partner, to help us be well positioned to serve our clients as the financial services industry evolves.”

At Sensible Financial, Chris works with clients to help them decipher the financial offerings available to them, and to make financial choices that help them achieve their goals. As Senior Director of Strategy, Chris helps Sensible Financial navigate the changing financial services industry environment, ensuring the firm is well-positioned to meet its clients’ needs. Chris sums up the experience as, “It’s career 2.0 for me; I’m not new to the business, but on a new path to delivering impactful customer experiences by building on familiar territory where I already have a lot of knowledge. The work is very interesting and it really makes a difference to our clients.  I’m finding that to be tremendously fulfilling.”

From strategic thinking in the financial world to strategy on the baseball field, Chris can easily make the switch. He’s coached baseball for 12+ years since his son was in T-ball, and still coaches T-ball.  When baseball season ends, there are squash, golf, and softball that keep Chris busy. In addition, he and his family have been to many of the national parks, and are planning a big trip to the Grand Canyon in the spring of 2018.

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