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Sensible Financial Earns National Recognition

Posted by on July 26, 2008

Industry leading magazine names company as number five in fastest growing firms with assets under $100 million

CAMBRIDGE, MA (July 28, 2006) –Sensible Financial® Planning and Management is ranked fifth in the July 2006 issue of Financial Advisor magazine among the fastest growing registered independent advisory (RIA) firms in the under $100 million dollars in assets category for 2005. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based firm reached another milestone at the end of the second quarter of 2006, with assets under management now exceeding $100 million.

This is an exciting time for us,” says Rick Miller, Ph.D. founder of Sensible Financial Planning and Management. “The ranking by Financial Advisor magazine confirms that we’re filling a significant gap in the financial advisory industry and that the market is responding to our message. Our growth as reported in the survey speaks volumes about an underserved population that wants personalized financial advice. People are learning that they don’t have to be wealthy to get our attention, and that they can trust our advice because our business model sharply limits conflicts of interest.”

Since the data was collected, Sensible Financial has also exceeded the next category threshold by attaining over $100 million in assets managed. “This asset level is a significant milestone in the industry, bringing with it increased recognition from vendors and other industry participants,” continues Miller. “Continued growth for Sensible Financial means that we can strengthen our staff, build stronger relationships with our vendors, and leverage our staff and vendor relationships to help more clients achieve their own personal financial goals.” The survey was distributed nation-wide to more than 400 investment advisory firms registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and covered the period between December 2004 and December 2005. Each respondent was ranked in one of five asset classes, from assets under management of $1 billion or more to those under $100 million.

Besides being ranked fifth in firms with assets under $100 million, Sensible Financial is the only Massachusetts-based firm listed in the magazine’s top 100. Results of the survey also showed that independent financial advisors’ growth outpaced other investment advisors by a wide margin, with assets of participating RIAs climbing almost 19 percent in 2005, compared with a gain of just 5 percent for the S&P 500 index. Smaller independent firms with assets less than $100 million reported making the biggest jump with a gain of 24 percent.

Sensible Financial is entering its fifth year as an independent fee-only financial advisory firm. “We’ve spent the last four years building on our client-first philosophy, providing comprehensive financial planning, issue-focused financial planning, and investment management services for individuals, families, and endowments. Remaining true to our core philosophy is key to our success. We provide personalized attention to each client –regardless of the total assets we manage for them.”

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About Sensible Financial

Sensible Financial Planning and Management is an independent financial management company specializing in investing, advising, and long term planning. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sensible Financial offers strategic, consistent advice to a diverse range of clients including young individuals and couples just starting a savings program, investors with more established portfolios seeking continued growth, and foundations and endowments seeking to protect and nurture their assets for the long-term organizational benefit. For more information, contact 617-444-8677 or visit the Web site at

Sensible Financial Planning and Management is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and notice-filed in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, and Texas. These services are not offered in other states unless exempt or registered there.