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If You Can

Posted by on July 10, 2014

William Bernstein is a well-respected and highly opinionated financial advisor and author (The Four Pillars of Investing and The Intelligent Asset Allocator, to name just two of his books). Now he has written If You Can, a (very) short book (pamphlet, really) to help Millennials save and invest for retirement.

Bernstein packs a lot of excellent advice into a very small package. Simply reading his words would be very valuable. The reader, however, needn’t stop there. If You Can incorporates a syllabus for a thoughtfully designed self-taught course in personal investing, including informative context-setting introductions for several classic investing books.

Finally, at no cost on the author’s website, or $.99 (that’s right, 99 cents) for Amazon Kindle, the price is right. If you want to offer financial advice to a recent college graduate just starting out in life, and you’re not certain what to say, or if you are certain they would never listen to you but think they might listen to an expert, If You Can is a great way to proceed.