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Laura Williams, CFP®, Is Promoted to Financial Advisor

Posted by on June 15, 2018

When Laura Williams moved to the Boston area to attend Bentley University, she had no idea she’d stay after graduation and make Boston her home. After graduating from Bentley with a B.S. in Finance, Williams began working at Sensible Financial as an Associate Advisor. Now, nearly four years later, Williams has earned a promotion from Associate Advisor to Financial Advisor.

Williams recently completed a program of seven classes at Boston University and passed the CFP® exam to complete her CFP® Certification. Despite her strong academic record, she didn’t learn everything from BU and Bentley. “The other Senior Advisors and Financial Advisors have been great resources for me,” says Williams. “They’ve always been willing to answer my questions and share their knowledge with me.”

When asked if this is the type of firm she thought she’d work for Williams says, “No, but that’s only because when I was in school, I didn’t know a company like Sensible existed. It was a pleasant surprise. The fact that we focus on building relationships with our clients makes what we do more personal. I’m fortunate to have found a role in such a unique firm.”

In her spare time, Williams likes to visit her family in Buffalo, New York and spend time outdoors, hiking. During football season, she enjoys watching her favorite team play. No, she’s not a Patriots fan. Williams and her family are devoted to the Buffalo Bills. (We forgive her). She also loves to travel. In fact, later this year, Williams and her family are planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Williams finds Sensible’s team approach satisfying. “Working on a client’s team enables me to collaborate with the client and a Senior Advisor. We come up with creative solutions and help people see the implications of their decisions. Over time, the clients gain confidence and are more comfortable with their financial futures.”

Recently, the Wall Street Journal featured both Williams and Sensible’s founder, Rick Miller, in an article about managing up. In the piece, Miller lauds Williams for her ability to recognize and adapt to his working style. “Laura is smart. She understands the dynamics in our office and how we all work. That’s an underrated, but important skill.”

Sensible’s size also pleases Williams. “Since Sensible is a smaller firm,” she says, “I have a bigger voice and I form closer relationships with my clients and coworkers.” She also cites Sensible’s history of promotion from within as a plus. “I can’t say enough about the Associate Advisor position. It’s been a great opportunity for me to learn and grow professionally. I was set up to succeed.”

Laura Williams may not have planned to settle in Boston, but she’s found a home at Sensible Financial.